Spiritual Teacher, Author, CEO

Assisting the Human Family, in ALL Ways of Being.  Discovering & Experiencing "Who You Really Are", this Lifetime.
Raising the Collective Consciousness, One Heart at a Time.......With LOVE & COMPASSION, leading the way.

 "All Teachings", are not just meant to be heard, but more importantly, "LIVED & EXPERIENCED", in daily life.

The Foundation of my Teachings, come primarily from a Diversified Mix of Positive, Inspirational, Non-Denominational, Self-Empowered philosophies, given by Super High Consciousness, such as Abraham-Hicks, Kryon, Bashar, The Pleiadians, The Bible, Jesus Christ & of course at the core of it all, is God-Source energy.

Personal Guidance & Information provided on MONEY, CAREER, LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS, HEALTH, FAMILY, BUSINESS & all subjects.  Psychic, Intuitive, Channeled information, utilizing a number of tools, which includes Personal Astrology influences, Numerology, Animal Symbology, Cards, Tarot, Law of Attraction & more.
“Assisting you to find the Answers & Solutions, you seek”

Other forms of "Information Gathering", such as Astrology, Animal Symbology & Numbers, are also something that I find, comes into play, when discerning our own Energy & the Energy around us, in order to more FULLY Navigate our Human Experience.  That being said, NOTHING is more important, than Personal ALIGNMENT with our "Inner Being" (Soul) & Source energy, Moment to Moment.

It's ALL ABOUT.......More LOVE........and Less FEAR.......and HOW we do that.
My Teachings, are constantly Changing, Evolving & Expanding more, day by day.

Ordained Minister
Master's Degree in Divinity
Author of Several Books & Public writings.
Professional Speaker
Founder of CONSCIOUS METAPHYSICS Group (Facebook), "GUIDED MEDITATIONS with Kent Boxberger" & Ambassadors for Love Group (Facebook), MarketCorp International, Inc.

SINGLE.  Divorced, with two grown children, Brooke & Brent, who both, are World Class Dancers & Entertainers, performing around the world with major music artists & productions, movies & television shows.


My interests revolve around helping the Human Family, in whatever way possible, to lift the overall Consciousness of Humanity, to more LOVE & COMPASSION.  That happens in a variety of ways, day by day.

I spend as much time as possible, OUTDOORS.  
I love SPORTS, particularly playing Golf, Basketball, Jogging, and watching College Football, Basketball & Pro Football.

I watch a very limited amount of TELEVISION & MOVIES.  When I do, I like educational programs, centered around "What We Can Become".  Thus, I like Sci-Fi shows & movies, such as Ancient Aliens, Star Trek, Stargate SG-1 & Atlantis, Super Hero depictions by Marvel, such as The Avengers, and Star Wars, Lucy, Dr. Strange, etc.  I also like Action/Drama's, such as The American President, Dave, Troy, Phenomenon, Michael, Ground Hog Day, Forest Gump, City of Angels, Armageddon etc.  

I watch a spattering of News Channels, but lean more toward Fox News of late, even though the majority of what is given these days, is "Unverifiable & strongly Biased".  All of it.

My POLITICAL VIEWS are Neutral.  I'm neither Republican, Democrat or Other.  I vote for People, not Parties.  I Believe there is a much bigger, broader program unfolding, and it's ALL GOOD.  I like the massive CHANGES that are taking place, at a rapid & alarming pace, perhaps more than ever before.  I Believe each person is entitled to their Opinion, and what's MOST important to me, is that each & every person, find THEIR OWN PERSONAL ALIGNMENT, with their Inner Being (Soul) at ALL TIMES, regardless of their political views.  I'm for Raising the Overall Consciousness of ALL HUMANITY to more LOVE & COMPASSION, and that requires constant Destruction of the OLD, and the Building of the NEW.  

It's a Never ending cycle, but Harm & Resistance to Anything, is moving in the opposite direction, of PEACE & WELL-BEING.

"Live & Let Live", with LOVE & COMPASSION, by example.

ALIGNMENT With Our Personal "Inner Being" (Soul), on a DAILY, consistent & regular basis, as much as possible, is our Priority for SUCCESS.......Success being defined as more "JOY, HAPPINESS & WELL-BEING, which is perpetual, within the Law of Attraction.  ALL THINGS, such as our HEALTH, MONEY & RELATIONSHIPS, come from within this, as the Creator of our Reality, BEFORE we're Born - and AFTER we're Born."
~ As taught by ABRAHAM.
There is NOTHING more important.

This IS and WILL bring about, over time, the World Conditions that expand & evolve into that Higher Consciousness, we're eternally creating, as we go......and as we do, the Physical Earth & Weather, is also constantly Changing & going through it's own constant Evolvement & Expansion, as it's done over Millions of years, which will become even more important & noteworthy - as it's doing NOW in this recent Beginning 2017 Cycle & especially, progressively each coming year, into 2030.  

"You never get it Wrong & you never get it Done" (Abraham), so it's the MOMENT BY MOMENT, awareness & consciousness, that makes ALL EXPERIENCES - Positive & Negative, the complete "Human Ride".



"This MOMENT - This DAY, is Pregnant with Opportunity.  The WHO, WHERE & WHEN, remains to Unfold."

"STAY in the MOMENT.  STOP keeping SCORE.  FOLLOW your HEART."

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